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Whether you are looking for a coach to help you reach a specific goal, or in need of a mentor to gain wisdom, experience growth and receive training in a specified area of your life, we are here to partner with you for your success.  Our mentorship services are customized to the individual mentee, in the areas of personal development, spiritual growth, general leadership and ministry leadership.  

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We offer an 18-month high-intensive training program for Prophets.  This program does not "make" you a Prophet, but rather prepares you to occupy the Office of the Prophet.  Following successful completion of the program, we have an official affirmation service to install and release the Prophet into Office.  A new class starts May 7, 2022.  Submit your application today.  

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Church leaders have the weight of their congregants on their shoulders.  Finding time to develop policies, procedures, systems, job descriptions and the like, diminishes as your congregation grows and responsibility increases.  We take the operational burden off of your shoulders by offering a wide-range of customized services that are tailor-made for your church.   


  • Book Apostle Cassandra for a variety of events including conferences, women's group sessions, leadership or ministry team training (virtual and on-site)

  • Spiritual Counsel

  • Personal Deliverance 


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  • YouTube


Apostle Cassandra has impacted my life in many ways.  Her ministry has inspired me to understand and  study the real authentic word of God.  This has caused me to grow tremendously in my prayer life with greater boldness, and becoming confident in who I am as a woman of God.  I have been truly blessed by her leadership and prayers.


- Falessia Overton-Brooks, Prophet

There’s a quote that says a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is true when it pertains to Apostle Cassandra Valentine.  She has impacted my life by not only teaching the “complete” truth of God’s word, but also through the transparency of her life. Both have helped catapult me into my kingdom assignment and caused me to ensure that the entire image I display for God is one of honor. 


- Carolyn Blake, Prophet

From the moment I met Apostle Cassandra Valentine, there has always been a connection.  She is a tremendous blessing, and an authentic general in the kingdom of righteousness.  It is evident in the way she carries herself, how she teaches and shares the word of God (being led by Holy Spirit), and always encouraging God’s leaders. She operates in excellence, from her personal life, to her ministry - the discussions, PowerPoint presentations, website, teaching, teaching materials and her biblical instructions. 

It’s an honor to be connected to her, and for her godly leadership & mentorship.  In the eight months that I was a part of the minister’s team that she was facilitating, my understanding of what a minister and prophet is, really transformed.  She is a leader of leaders and I'm grateful God has placed her in my life for my spiritual development.

- Natasha Harris, Prophet

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